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Virtual Entertainment for Online Team Meetings, Corporate Events, & Private Parties

Get everyone engaged and excited with world-class interactive magic & mind reading featuring the astonisher™! 

People are getting sick and tired of attending dull, uneventful video calls…So What Do You Have in Place to Avoid Hosting a Virtual Flop? NOBODY wants to attend a boring meeting or event - especially when it's virtual (For some reason, it just makes it worse...)And when people disengage virtually, you have very little control over the situation and it's very difficult to reel everyone back in. The Good News is - It's Easily Preventable.

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Whether you’re:

  • Trying to keep your team members engaged during a virtual meeting

  • Trying to liven up an awkward atmosphere during an online corporate event

  • Or just looking for something different and exciting to do with your friends and family over Zoom

  • Hiring Patrick Gregoire (The Astonisher™) for interactive virtual entertainment (a.k.a. 'Virtual Astonishment™') is a fantastic solution.

Why Choose The Astonisher™ as Your Virtual Entertainer?

While at your meeting or event, Patrick will be focused on accomplishing one thing, and one thing only - making your virtual meeting or event more engaging, interactive, and fun! Because here’s the truth:

When people attend virtual meetings or events, they just passively stare at a screen and quickly end up drained, bored, and restless. Nothing surprising or exciting usually happens. But, Patrick has the ability to engage and energize the people on your virtual video call with world-class showmanship, magical skill, and live interaction. The ability to get them all excited and in a better mood so they can fully participate and better absorb any important information or messages you have in store for them. And if your goal is simply to treat everyone to a special interactive virtual experience that will bring them all closer together - The Astonisher™ offers a full 60-minute theatrical show!

Benefits of Virtual Astonishment™ for Online Team Meetings & Corporate Events:

  • Increase everyone's focus and keep them engaged and energized

  • Boost everyone's morale (which is proven to boost productivity)

  • Create a shared experience that helps bring everyone closer together and increase work performance

  • Strengthen business relationships between your company and its employees, clients, etc

  • Can be customized to feature important guests, company products, or messages

Benefits of Virtual Astonishment™ for Private Parties:

  • No more awkward silences… This gives you something fun to do together and to talk about!

  • A powerful bonding experience unlike anything else!

  • Create positive lasting memories with friends and family

  • It’s the easiest way to host an amazing party (Let The Astonisher™ do all the work and just enjoy the show!)

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For more information about The Astonisher™ or to book him for your next virtual event, call Al Pitch at 204-233-2184 or send us an email at .

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