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Taste the thrill of an interactive show. 


Are you bored of just being in the audience and doing nothing? Well, we have good news for folks that like to get involved in the drama. Amazing Entertainment organizes interactive shows in Winnipeg and throughout Canada. These are shows that will keep you engaged throughout the event. This is entertainment like never before.Contact us.  to book this event today.


Winnipeg’s longest-running Dinner-Theatre Company with 30 years of experience! We bring the murder mystery to you, you bring the menu!


Two experiences to choose from:


Our full cast of characters offers a unique interactive blend of humour and suspense with this show for groups 20 – 200. The audience becomes mixed up in a murder and has to help solve the mystery of ‘who dunnit’.


These shows are great for corporate events or fundraisers. There are a few show themes to choose from and we will work with you to provide you with the show option that meets your needs.

Murder on Tap

Master Brewer Finnegan Kegwater thinks he has created the next great beer - one that will make him a millionaire. But just when he's about to unveil it, something sinister happens: a body is discovered in the fermentation tank! Was it a Tinder date gone horribly wrong? Or did those two arguing Sports Fans find someone else to disagree with? Maybe the Social Media Influencer posted the wrong pic. What about The Regular who always has a story - does he know the answer? Perhaps we'll just have to leave it up to the plucky junior criminologist - who only comes here to study - to figure out who did it and why. Join us and help her solve our brand-new mystery, Murder on Tap.


We will assist you in hosting a mystery with our Mini Mystery for up to 25 people or our Small Mystery for up to 100 people. Some of your guests will take on the main roles with the rest participating in their own way, all guided by our smaller cast of characters. (You will be sent character briefs prior to your event to help them get started!) This show is great for birthday parties, staff team building events, community fundraisers or BBQs!

Murder at the Rowdy Rodeo

Saloon owner and operator, Mae Western, invites you to join her at the location of the annual “Rowdy Rodeo” where, early in the morning, something awful happens, and one of the famous cowboys dies in a terrible accident. Or is it an accident? Perhaps his competitor, the “Man in Black” is the killer, or maybe you reckon it’s his grieving girlfriend. What about the rodeo clown or the Aussie hired hand? Could it be the ladies barrel race champion, or that mysterious, mystical fella who claims he can find oil with only a pointy stick? And why is the up-and-coming singer, Dolly Pardon, so upset? Become a member of the Sheriff’s posse or play along as one of the suspects, while you try to figure out this western style “whodunit” in Murder at the Rowdy Rodeo.

murder on menu
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Note: All inquiries are best served over the phone!

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