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viva brasil

Viva Brasil has been in Winnipeg since 2002. Mestre Indio is the head of this amazing group. He is the first Mestre in Manitoba. He originally was from Recife, Brasil. We are a martial arts performing group teaching out of Gracie Humaita Gym (181 Stradbrook). Our students learn the martial art called Capoeira, which has been around for 300 hundred years. Capoeira was developed by the African slaves that were brought to Brasil. The slaves were able to free themselves from their Masters with Capoeira. Our students also learn to play traditional capoeira instruments and learn cultural dances from Brasil. We started a new project this year—our Bateria group. This is a huge drumming group. Viva Brasil has been performing throughout Canada and into the States. We also have hosted the Brazilian Pavilion through Folklorama for the last 8 years. Where we have been the number one pavilion. Our group has been able to perform in schools, parties, other festivals, weddings, and huge corporate events. Large or small, we are honoured to share our culture with everyone. We truly are a multi-cultural group.

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