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The Sands Trio

John Morello as Dean Martin - Christopher Hayles as Sammy Davis, Jr. - Rick Sonata as Frank Sinatra. When three tribute artists, in a Las Vegas-style dinner show take over the stage, then suddenly one is back in the 60s on the Las Vegas strip, and remembering 'OCEANS 11'. Their interpretation of these three great entertainers is so life-like, that one has to really look twice to make sure one is not dreaming. Make no mistake about it! By the time these performers exit the stage, their audience is standing and demanding an encore. The chemistry of these artists is extremely contagious. The true essence of "The Sands Trio" is that pure energy and spontaneity of their performance. These guys don't put it on, they bring it out. They are the real deal with that crazy cuckoo style. They are ready to bring down the house. As each perform of The Sands Trio comes back to take center stage, the audience waits in anticipation. Leaving their heart in San Francisco, playing with “Sam’s Song” or dancing to “Me and My Shadow” these entertainers show a rare camaraderie as they toss one liners back and forth, filling their glasses with that special bourbon.

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