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the improv

the improv

The Improv Company is known for world-class entertainment and charming event hosting. Our famous interactive improv show will keep your audience laughing all night. Our professional and hilarious emcees will get your audience engaged and keep your event on pace.

“Caity and Stephen are the X-Factor, the unexplainable piece of the puzzle, in everything they work on. Their openness, quick wit, humanity, and willingness to accept the absurd not only has the two of them giggling but it has their audiences remembering them and their work months after an appearance.” - Nicole Jensen TEDxWinnipeg Lead

“I can’t say enough about the show. I also can’t wait to see you two do anything on stage. Please make it soon.”- Al Simmons

“The duo does improv, they’re so sufficiently adept they’d make you think it was scripted.”- The Winnipeg Free Press

“Warm, funny and highly recommended”. – CBC

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