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sleepy the clown

I have been clowning around Winnipeg and area off and on for near 17 years from the first time I tried to juggle.

Balloon Twisting: My bread and butter, my best and favourite skill to use and share. I can make anything from the classic dogs and flowers to Mickey Mouse and Spongebob Squarepants. If we can find a picture I will likely try to make it. My motto with balloons is I'll try anything once, twice if you feed me.

Walkaround: Add colour and merriment to any event with the fun of a clown. Whether it is juggling for the masses, performing close magic for a group or just interacting with your patrons in line, Sleepy is sure to light up the crowd and surroundings.

Birthday Party Fun: For a birthday party I like to offer a twenty-minute shoe fill with magic, juggling and good old clown comedy. Following that, I will make balloons for all those wanting one plus an extra special piece for the birthday child.

Stage Shows: Sleepy brings his whole box of tricks to the stage! An expanded show of 30-40 minutes includes juggling, magic and clown comedy. Fun for the whole family and the entire audience. AS performed at Kids Fringe and several venues across Manitoba.

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