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Ron Krug

As a musician, Ron Krug has performed with musical theater companies in Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Barbados, Regina and Saskatoon, with choirs in several Canadian and European locations and with solo artists across the continent. His favorite though, is accompanying songs from Broadway shows. As accompanist, musical director and yes, even performer at the Hollow Mug Dinner Theater for more than 20 years, he has certainly had a chance to get inside almost every Broadway musical. Ron continues a 25-year association with Scottish Country Dance music – having played for classes, workshops, examinations and tours throughout Canada and United States and with three Scottish bands. He has also composed music for specially designed dances. His first professional exposure to this music was to play for an examination conducted by Miss Milligan - the co-founder of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society. He says that he has been afraid of playing Scottish music ever since! The warmest spot in his musical career must be reserved for The Bunch of Grapes - a Winnipeg performing troupe specializing in British Music Hall and War Time music. For more than 20 years this close-knit family of performers has produced recordings, presented full-length stage shows, performed for royalty, filmed award-winning television specials and entertained hundreds of Winnipeg, Ontario and U.S. audiences.

Ron’s standard for musical excellence can easily be traced back to his college years with the University of Saskatchewan Greystone Singers. From that stemmed other rewarding choral affiliations including The Tudor Singers of Montreal. This association established his goals for quality - in working with professionals, amateurs and students - and hopes above all, that everyone enjoys the music they create and share it with others.

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