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Patrick Gregoire

Winnipeg magician & mentalist Patrick Gregoire has been mesmerizing corporate and private audiences for over 20 years with his extraordinary talent and charismatic presence.

His shows are highly interactive, fun, and unique - while most magic shows are all about the magician, Patrick makes it all about your guests! Each performance is tailored to engage and astonish, ensuring everyone feels like part of the magic.

Patrick has studied psychology, sociology, and philosophy in college to gain deeper insights into the human mind. This unique expertise allows him to read thoughts, predict behaviour, and even influence decisions - all while delivering a captivating and entertaining experience.

Patrick's performances are perfect for a variety of events:

  • Corporate functions

  • Private parties

  • Fundraisers

  • Product launches

  • Holiday celebrations

Patrick’s natural showmanship, professionalism, and personable approach ensure a stress-free experience for you, and a memorable experience for your guests. Book him for your next event and see for yourself!

“Your show was outstanding!” - Karen Soares, Keewatin Air LP

“As always, you exceeded expectations!” - Melanie Davidson, AG Growth International

“Our staff had the best time, we’re all still talking about it the next day!” - Kevin Mark, FreshCo

“Patrick will ensure your next corporate gathering is unforgettable. 11/10 would recommend!”- Eliana Hotz, University of Manitoba

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