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Nelson Mayer is a stand-up veteran on the Winnipeg comedy front.

Recently voted one of the city’s top 3 comedians (the Uniter), Mayer got his start in 2010 on the illustrious stage at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles, California.

Since then, Nelson has been a consistent top-contender for the title of Rumor’s Comedy Club: Funniest Person with a Day Job, as well as a two-time finalist in Winnipeg’s Gone Whacky competition. Mayer also performed as a finalist in the prestigious World Series of Comedy in Las Vegas.

Along with landing a spot on APTN’s evening talk show, the Laughing Drum, Nelson has been travelling across Canada, warming up the stage as Don Burnstick’s regular opening act. If you missed him on stage, you can also catch his bits on Sirius XM Satellite radio.

Nelson’s style is a rare and unique blend; a bit of wit, a touch of naughty; a mix of fine-tuned jokes and sharp off-the-cuff crowd work instincts. Nelson Mayer can be described as versatile, hard-hitting, punchy, and most importantly, funny.

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