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Do you think your world can change in a matter of seconds? Imagine this happening just by looking into the eyes or listening to the voice of mastermind hypnotist Matao. All it takes is 1 second for him to whisk you away into a world of excitement and laughter. Welcome to ‘’The World Of Matao’’! Live out your wildest dreams, Let your imagination run and just picture the things you could accomplish simply by refreshing your mind...

‘’Let me show you just how powerful your subconscious is! This is my world and it’s reality, not fantasy!’’

The moment this natural born entertainer steps onto the stage you can tell you are in for the time of your life. Enjoy the show from the audience and watch one of Canada’s best stage hypnotists at work. Or volunteer to step into The World of Matao for the most relaxing, enjoyable and beneficial experience you will ever take part in!

‘’Either way, you are in for an unforgettable life-changing experience! That’s a promise!’’

Matao, born and raised in a small city outside of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, started to entertain at the age 12, and at the age of 15 he began to travel and tour. From Canadian coastline to coastline, through 50 US states, as well as stops in Mexico, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Peru, Brazil, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Singapore and the Philippines. Matao has performed for thousands of guests and sold-out shows!

Matao, Manitoba’s only certified stage hypnotist and hypnotherapist has studied with some of the best hypnotists from around the world. He also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Vancouver and from the University of Toronto. When you mix Matao’s humour, knowledge and education, a love for people and passion for his career as a professional performer, you get ‘’World Class Entertainment!’’

This stunning family hypnosis show is like no other! His Las Vegas quality show is something you must see with your very own eyes!

‘’Matao is one of the finest hypnotists and with showmanship like no other. A world-class show and star’’

Corporate parties & events, Casinos, Grads, Proms, Cruise Lines, Schools, Universities & Colleges, Trade Shows, First Nations, Fairs, Festivals, Theme Parks and many Fundraising events are just some locations where you can catch a Matao performance. With over 260 shows a year, Matao keeps his show fresh, unique and ever-changing. Shows can also be custom built to fit your function!

No matter the location or size of venue, he can make a show work for you! Just sit back and watch as your event as it comes to life and you are taken into The World of Matao!

‘’A show you will never forget’’

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