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Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic Dance is an energetic and celebratory form of conscious dance. It emphasizes free and uninhibited movement, encouraging participants to express themselves fully and connect with others through dance. The focus is on the joy of movement and the sense of community rather than adhering to specific dance techniques.

Event Structure: Ecstatic Dance sessions often begin with a warm-up to help participants get into their bodies. The main part of the class involves a continuous flow of music without breaks, allowing for a seamless dance experience. Participants are encouraged to dance freely, explore different movements, and engage with others in a non-verbal, spontaneous way.

Music: The music in Ecstatic Dance is usually a dynamic mix of genres, including world music, electronic beats, and rhythm-driven tunes. DJs or facilitators curate playlists to create a journey-like experience, guiding dancers through different energies and emotions.

Our events start out with the group coming together in a circle, to be guided in a meditation or visualization by Nickeeya(the facilitator), to calm the mind and settle the body. The music starts slowly and softly. The participants can begin to move when they feel compelled. There is no choreography or guided way of dancing, no expectations or judgment. This is a free-form movement. The music grows in intensity, warming the body and encouraging fast movements through the rhythm and beats. The music eventually slows down, to cool the body and bring participants back to a meditative state. 

Think of ecstatic dance, similar to yoga, in that it encourages participants to listen to their bodies and move however feels good to them. Whether seeking a sober event, team building exercise, or a unique group bonding experience, Ecstatic Dance offers an unparalleled opportunity to inward, together. 

Each set is curated to a certain theme, and this would be discussed with the client.

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