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Crumbs is a Winnipeg based improv comedy duo who have been performing together since 1997. They have toured all over the world to critical acclaim and have become world-renowned for their comedy theatre and improv shows. Seriously, Crumbs have performed all over the world, they've sold-out shows all over Germany, Switzerland, New Zealand, Austria, Belgium, Slovenia, Israel, England, The United States to name but a few. We've also performed all over Canada, Canada loves us too.

What is an improv show? It is a show that is made up on the spot inspired by suggestions from the audience. Every storyline, every character, and every hilarious moment is completely improvised for you and only you.

What kind of shows can crumbs do? Crumbs can improvise an entire 60-minute playoff one inspiration; do several improv comedy sketches based on audience suggestions or just do one little hilarious improvised bit for your event. We can host events, we can do improvised scenes between acts, and we can do a whole improv show for any type of audience in any type of room.

Crumbs can also do an improv show that is interactive with the audience and uses audience volunteers on the stage. Please note that Crumbs are professional improv comedians and whenever they ask for audience volunteers they are there to entertain you and make you look good, we never force anyone to volunteer and those that do volunteer are made into the star of the show.

Crumbs can also design a show specifically for your event. Generate content inspired by your company or the nature of your event, weaving your message into the show. This show would, of course, require us to meet first and discuss at what level you would like the design of the show.

"Crumbs implausibly defy the law of diminishing returns. They get funnier each time I see them". - CBC 2014 "Stephen Sim and Lee White put on a solid, funny show. Every time. No matter what. You will laugh. You won't be able to help it." - CBC 2013

"All these years together has helped them hone their skills to the point that they seem to be communicating telepathically". - Winnipeg Free Press 2014

"This two-person comedy duo bring improv to a whole new level that is always an entertaining and hilarious show." - Website 2014

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