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Claire Bestland

Claire Bestland

A singer, guitarist and songwriter of exceptional talent and sound all her own, Claire Bestland combines RandB, rock, and blues together with one thing in common: groove. Claire has teamed up with the fierce energy of George Demaduk on drums and veteran monster bassman Vaughan Poyser to record their first EP album at Empire Recording to be released in spring of 2015. Her mission is very clear onstage and in the studio: to renew the ability of genuine songwriting and musicianship combined with raw, open, and uncontained energy to speak powerfully to a modern audience.


Deep and Powerful "When I get up on stage with Claire, I never know exactly what to expect and that's one of the most exciting places to be as a musician. She brings her emotions into her playing, and no song is ever the same twice. Her slow songs are deep and powerful, and her faster up-tempo songs are as funky as it gets! I've seen Claire develop as a player and songwriter immensely in just the short time that I've known her. She has a vision of where she wants to be, and I know she's determined to get there and not let anything or anyone stand in her way." - Sky O Superb Guitar Playing “In my opinion, Claire Bestland is not only Winnipeg’s, but Canada’s next up and coming singer/songwriter. With her superb guitar playing, soulful voice, hooky songwriting and total determination I know she is headed for big things." – George D Phenomenal Player “Claire is a phenomenal player" – Justin Ginter (of Dirtypool) Quote from City TV segment with Jenna Khan. Lucinda WIlliams “Claire Bestland is to blues what Lucinda Williams is to roots and Americana."

– Broose Tulloch, UMFM Radio Program Host

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