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Caraballo Band

A Powerful Musical Force for over 15 Years, Caraballo is the name to remember for one of Winnipeg's Top Bands. Caraballo has travelled all over Canada, playing all types of venues and events, plus performing with well-established recording artists.

The band's diverse repertoire, from Bob Marley style Reggae, Harry Belafonte style Calypso, modern day Soca, Latin, and Dance-Hall Reggae, as well as chart topping Top-40 Dance tunes, combined with these versatile musicians, makes Caraballo Band a leader in this industry, throughout Central and Western Canada. A powerful Musical Force for well over 15 years. Based out of Winnipeg, Canada. The immense versatility of our repertoire and in each member's abilites, keeps us at the pinnacle of this industry. Caraballo's repertoire comprises of the major styles of music. Bob Marley style Reggae, Harry Belafonte style Calypso, modern style Soca, Latin, Dance - Hall Reggae and the new Top-40, Dance Hits. What ever it takes to move the audience. Caraballo has performed in venues from Weddings, Pool Parties, Office Functions, Conventions, Major Concerts and Festivals of over 10,000 people, Top Casinos, and Premiere Night Clubs. The following list is an example of these venues:

  • Club Regent Casino in Winnipeg

  • Regina Casino

  • Painted Hand Casino in Yorkton Sask.

  • Bear Claw Casino in Carlyle Sask.

  • A - level dance clubs in Winnipeg

  • Palamino

  • Coyotes

  • Silver Spike Saloon McPhillips Xmas Party @ Larters Golf Course

  • Boogie Nights

  • Buffalo Bills

  • Silverado's

  • Braemar Cabaret & Restaurant

  • Deen's Rest. & Patio

  • Muddy Water's Patio

  • Simon's Nite Club

  • Norwood Hotel Lounge

  • Lyric Theatre

  • Houstons' in Brandon

  • Brandon's Chamber of Commerce 119th Annual Dinner

  • The Airlane and Scuttlebutts in Thunder Bay The Festivals in Winnipeg

  • Harborfest in Kenora and Thunder Bay

  • The main stage of the 1999 Pan-Am Games in Winnipeg at the Forks

In addition, Caraballo has backed up recording artists from Trinidad, Iwer George, The Baron and SuperBlue in Winnipeg. The unique sound has been captured on our own recordings, but the soul of the music can only be seen and felt on stage. So for Central and Western Canada's most versatile Top-40, Soca, Reggae, Calypso, Latin, Dance Band, contact this Winnipeg Based band Caraballo (a.k.a. Carabello).

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