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Bed Of Roses

North America's #1 Bon Jovi Tribute

Bed of Roses has authenticated over 20 years of Bon Jovi's popular music. Not only, has this band replicated Bon Jovi's sound, music, costuming, and overall look, a Bed of Roses show includes items that were originally owned by Bon Jovi themselves.

You will not be disappointed with the caliber, authenticity, and production of a Bed of Roses concert. They pride themselves in catering to every audience demographic. Bon Jovi has such a wide array of music styles. If you are looking for light, pop feel, or something on the country music style or you just want the band to bring you a full rock show with all the bells and whistles, Bed of Roses can accommodate all your entertainment needs.

Their itinerary includes clubs, casinos, festivals, corporate event, private events, and fundraisers.

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