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Aboriginal school of dance

The Aboriginal School of Dance has made an explosive presence in the entertainment industry. Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba it was founded by Buffy Handel only one year ago, this group has already embarked on participating in numerous large events such as; Festival Du Voyageur, The Creative Stage at the centennial concert hall, Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra’s Right of Spring and opening for Buffy St. Marie at the Brandon Folk Festival.

The Aboriginal School of Dance strives for great choreography that showcases new limits, working traditional styles with contemporary fields. They are also able to perform educational traditional showcases in forms such as songs, dance, storytelling and interactive clinics.

Our performances are known for how we express multiculturalism through the art of music and dance. We break the stereotype of physical performance and identity expressed by indigenous people. We travel performing for daycares, schools, universities, conferences and fairs/rodeos.

The Aboriginal School of Dance trains young aboriginal people as professional performers and also provides skills to be independent. In April 2010, a theatre was rented to put on a near sell-out independent production called “GLOW”. It was a 120-minute glow in the dark performance which left the audience emotional and satisfied. This production fused samba, salsa and round dancing along with many more eye-catching, toe-tapping, hand-clapping memories.

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