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We make you the star!

Stephen & Caity have a wonderfully charming and hilarious show to bring to your event. These two well-known improv artists make up an entire show live. The show will not only be fueled by the suggestions and inspirations from the audience, but it will also be fueled by the audience themselves! Volunteers are never forced to go up onto the stage; in fact, they will be made into the star of the show. “In addition to reviving classic bits by the likes of Abbot and Costello and Nichols and May, Curtis and Sim riff on the dynamics of those teams with improv that proves the crack timing and rapid-fire verbal one-up-man-ship isn't just an influence on them, it's also their achievement.”- CBC Manitoba 2016 “The duo do break out an improv. They’re so sufficiently adept they’d make you think it was scripted.”- Winnipeg Free Press 2016

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