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William James

William James

The 1990s saw a boom for hypnosis as an entertainment art form, opening an exciting new chapter in William's life! August 1997 marked the debut of Hypnotist "Super Bill" Bentley and William's love for entertaining was born! Using the real science of Hypnosis and a desire to make people laugh, William toured North America as "Super Bill" Bentley until December 1999. With the turning of the new millennium, William's scope grew to include an acting career as well as a stage career. Thus, "Super Bill" Bentley became Hypnotist (and actor), William James, with the addition of William's improv show to his dossier. Expanding his scope as an entertainer even further, William developed a full-scale comedy Game Show known as Jeparody Live! - Which debuted to a mass crowd appeal on November 2001. Currently, William James performs Hypnosis, Improv and Jeparody Live! Comedy Game Shows across North America and is building a rewarding acting career.

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