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Tyzen began his career as an entertainer at the young age of 15 when one fateful day he caught his first glimpse of the wonders of David Copperfield’s magic on television. He was mesmerized and vowed to learn everything he could about the art of illusion and magic. Tyzen also has a background in Improv Comedy making his magic unique and entertaining. When he had perfected his skill, he began travelling North America mystifying audiences everywhere he went.

Through a series of cascading events, Tyzen discovered the intriguing world of hypnosis and he knew that he had found his destiny. Comedy, Hypnosis and Magic combined? Ohh yeah!

He simply amalgamated his skills into what is now the absolute most hilarious show ever!

His continuing ability to be fresh and responsive combined with a contagious sense of humour and innate talent have quickly catapulted him to star status. Tyzen currently resides in Las Vegas, NV and shares his life with his feisty Beta fighting fish Nemo.

The Show

Tyzen is one of the world's most amazing comedic stage hypnotists. From Las Vegas - NV, this entertainer is very quickly working his way to the top with his hilarious and innovative show.

He combines comedy and hypnosis in a way like no other. His hilarious antics will have any audience rolling in the aisles with laughter. Giggity, Giggity, all right.

Expect your audience to be on the edge of their seats! Watch as they witness a high energy thrill ride that will bring them coming back for more. It’s true! Cross our hearts and hope to die.

Whether your venue consists of children, adults, grandparents or pets (please leave your dingos at home), Tyzen will entertain them all. Yes! He’s that funny.

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