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Trio Afrique

A truly one of a kind group in Winnipeg, Trio Afrique combines the sweet guitar and vocal melodies of Central and Southern Africa with the driving drum rhythms of West Africa. Master musician from the Congo Ewinge Kiki leads the group, and is backed by highly sought after performers Daniel Koulack on bass guitar and Jay Stoller on hand drums. Formed in 2012, this group has been delighting Winnipeg audiences ever since, and take great pride in introducing listeners to this wonderful musical style.

A note on Congolese music: Democratic Republic Congo has an extraordinary wealth of music. Home to literally hundreds of different cultures, the music of the Congo has strongly influenced and in turn been influenced by both Afro-Cuban, and Brazilian music as well as the music of surrounding African countries. The sound is characterized by compelling rhythms, melodic interlocking guitar parts with the trademark reverb and long delay, and a particularly appealing vocal line floating on top. The songs are sung in many different languages. The official European language of the Congo is French, and there are four African languages that also have official language status. Ewinge sings in six different languages in addition to French and English. It is wonderful dance music.

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