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Tribe of One

Tribe of One

It takes an amazing blend of art and culture to create Tribe of One’s incredibly rich, one-of-a-kind concert experience. 12 years after their first show, there is still no one like them. Painters, poets, dancers and musicians combining their artistic voices to showcase their Aboriginal, Metis, French/English cultures - each performance is a tour de force. Rik Leaf & Marie-Josee Dandeneau, play over a dozen instruments between them, creating a thunderous World Roots sound that layers First Nation pow-wow drums, hand drums, didgeridoo and ocarinas over Rik’s percussive acoustic guitar and MJ’s soulful, funk bass. Buffy Handel, one of Canada’s top Aboriginal dancers, mixes traditional and contemporary choreography, regalia and costumes as she physically interprets the songs.

Throughout each show, award winning visual artist, Tina Newlove, completes a painting from start to finish. Tribe of One are always festival favorites, and a story full of so much colour, sound and movement they are impossible to capture in a sound byte.

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