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Sunset Highway

Sunset Highway is a musical duo formed by 2 talented, professional musicians with over 60 years of musical experience between them to provide entertainment geared to the older generation. Having run the gamut from old-time, country, heavy metal to folk, Celtic and ethnic, there are not too many styles of music these two musicians have not encountered or played. Playing an eclectic mix of Celtic, Folk, Country/Country Rock, Rock and Roll and American Standards, Sunset Highway can provide entertainment for whatever function you are having, whether it's a senior center, restaurant, night club or concert. A night of entertainment you won't soon forget!!! Jerry Tretiak: (Guitar, Vocals) Jerry started playing music when he was 10 years old and has played in and led bands in both Winnipeg and throughout Canada. While living in Yorkton in the ‘60s, his band had the privilege of working with entertainers like Bobby Curtola, Buddy Knox and Barry Allen. Jerry was formerly the guitarist and lead vocalist of the Thistle Band.

Ismail Sinn: (Keyboards, Vocals, Bass) Ismail is a new arrival from Cyprus and has only been in Canada for a little over a year. A professional musician who spent 30 years touring Europe, Russia and the Middle East as a keyboardist in bands and also as a solo artist. Ismail was formerly the keyboard player with the Thistle Band. His musical skills are impressive, providing the orchestration for the group, adding bass, drums, strings horns, and other sounds too numerous to mention.

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