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Shania Twain

Shania Twain is a Shania Twain Tribute act featuring Donna Huber. It is one of the most successful Tribute Acts in Canada, the United States and Europe. Donna has met Shania Twain, as well as Shania Twain's family. She has played for Canadian Troops in Bosnia and Croatia. She has played the Calgary Stampede in Calgary, Alberta for 3 consecutive years, and also was a guest on the "Jenny Jones" Show. She also appeared on Nationwide CBS Special, and has had articles in National Post, CMT Magazine, National Enquirer, and appeared on National Enquirer TV. A great compliment to Donna is the fact the Shania Twain herself had mentioned Donna in her autobiography.

What People Are Saying About Donna Huber

Best One “I thought that was me for a moment...she’s the best one” -Shania Twain upon seeing a photo of Donna - TNN Prime Time Flattered “I’m flattered that she is doing a tribute to me and I’m hearing great things about her” Shania Twain - Timmins, ON Just Like My Granddaughter “You look and sound just like my granddaughter” -Grandma Twain - Timmins, ON Biggest Hit “Donna was the biggest hit on stage at the Calgary Stampede” -Country Music News First Class “...A first class act” -Bluff’s Run Casino - Council Bluffs, IA Real Shania Twain “As far as I’m concerned I had the real Shania Twain on stage” -Trudeau park - Tweed, ON Highlight “...A definite highlight of the tour" -Bosnian Armed Forces Tour Outstanding “An outstanding performance” -Wisconsin State Fair - Milwaukee, WI Gracious “We love working with her, and she was gracious and easy to work as always. Our client was thrilled. We’ll look forward to our next adventure” -Paul Creighton - T. Skorman Productions, Inc. Great “Please pass on our sincere appreciation to Donna - she was great-exactly what we were looking for” -Allan Bell - York Region Breast Cancer Friends Big Hit "...was a big hit, did very well and stayed to mingle with attendees..." -Gino Startari - Event Planner Great Performer "I've enjoyed you at the Black Bear Casino Country Fest a ton. Thought you were the best. You’re a great performer! Thanks again." -Scott - Black Bear Casino Carlton, MN Amazing "Donna was amazing last week. The client was thrilled!"

-Meghan Bowness - Client Services Manager, Citywide Accounts Tourism Toronto

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