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Late in 2016 Rollin Penner decided to move his performing career from the musical stage to the comedy stage and since then he has been gaining a reputation across Manitoba as a snappy dresser with a set of killer punch lines. In 2018 he made his third appearance at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, his second appearance in the Winnipeg Comedy Showcase, placed second in a Rumor’s Comedy Club contest for local comedians and is currently co-producing (together with the Winnipeg Comedy Festival) a touring show titled “Two and a Half Mennos”. His talents have caught the eye of the management at Rumor’s Comedy Club and he has had multiple opportunities to perform guest spots there.

To showcase his versatility, Rollin has performed his comedy routines for pub audiences, corporate audiences, family audiences and theatre audiences alike. His extensive experience as a writer (six years writing comedy for the CBC, eight years for the Manitoba Co-operator, numerous comedic articles for The Winnipeg Free Press and other publications) has given him the ability to tailor material to any audience. His years of experience as a performer in music (Rollin Penner and the Travelling Medicine Show etc.) and theatre, (The Gilbert and Sullivan Society, Rainbow Stage, Winnipeg Mennonite Theatre) among other things, have given him a presence on stage that puts audiences at ease and makes it easy for them to laugh. And you never know when he’ll pick up a guitar and launch into a witty ditty about private body parts followed by a hilarious version of a gospel song as it may sound to children. Here are a few comments from audience members after Rollin’s recent performance at the Winnipeg Comedy Showcase: “I laughed at your first line and didn’t stop laughing till you walked off stage!”- John. “Every time I see you you’re better than the last time I saw you!”- Kim. “Please don’t play that song when I’m in the audience.”-Kathy Penner.

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