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robin chestnut

One of Canada’s top jugglers, Robin’s skills as a performer and comedian have taken him around the continent from cruise ships in the Bahamas to festivals and fairs across the country. Now a National Juggling Champion Robin specializes in bringing his family brand of Laughter and Excitement to corporate, festival, and showroom audiences. His charming yet sharp-witted personality combined with world-class juggling skills make for hilarious interactive entertainment. This all adds up to a more memorable and therefore successful event for you the client. You’ll have people thanking you, even your boss!

This interactive comedy show features some world-class juggling that you can't find anywhere else in the country. Robin's award-winning (two-time Canadian Juggling Champion, top-ranked Canadian at world championships) performances keep audiences spell down. Upbeat music, unbelievable skills, and hilarious audience rapport are all thrown into one amazing show that'll keep any crowd jumping. You'll see anything from a seven ball juggle to an amazing catch of a burning torch, to fire eat or tall unicycle balance, and since Robin has added his signature mini basketball routine, the show often results in a standing ovation! How to bring laughter, excitement, and education to your next school assembly! Comic, juggler, and showman, Robin Chestnut has been entertaining and educating for 15 years. And with a university degree (English and Psychology) and a Canadian Juggling Championship under his belt, you can rest assured you have found a quality presenter. Enjoy the same hilarious and engaging show that so many others have, including Norway House School, Yellowquay School, Edward Shreyer School, Argyle School, Ecole Sainte Germaine, and the list goes on and on. Get a Dynamite Show and Have It Tailored to Your Needs With a background in Street Theatre, Robin's interactive style and conversational tone can be put to work for you. Robin craft's each performance around your school's theme for the week or any other important message that you'd like conveyed, so the experience is both entertaining and educational. Each occasion is therefore unique to your audience and creates a much more memorable event. Kids relate well to Robin so they listen and remember. The idea behind any school assembly is to create a positive and lasting learning opportunity for your children. Robin grabs your audience with world-class juggling skills and keeps them riveted until the very end. But his show is more about triumph over adversity then about showing off. His underdog character is someone your kids can cheer for, relate to, and laugh at all at the same time. This powerful combination creates the perfect setting for your kids to soak up the right message. Contact us for more information

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