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Piano Catz

Take two pianos and attach a couple of crazy, fun loving piano players. Connect one reliably solid, in-the-groove drummer. Affix to the mix a huge repertoire of popular song, and what you have is Piano Catz.

Piano Catz is the collaboration and combination of three well known Canadian musicians that have played, sung, and entertained their way into the hearts of their Winnipeg hometown audiences and beyond. We're not talking low light lounge music here... This is a have fun, sing-along-with, and dance-the-night-away type of band. Their electric pianos, along with the drums, offer this trio a surprisingly full sound and the ability to cover an expanding pianorama of musical songs and styles — everything from Jumpin' Blues, Boogie-Woogie, Rock n' Roll, Country Swing, Jazzy to Novelty and more. There's something here for the young and the young-at-heart alike. Enjoy their spontaneous musical combustion and request your favorite songs. Bring along your dancin' shoes, a sense of humor, and engage yourself in a little social lubrication!

The Band

  • Mike Lawson (Piano/Vocals/Songwriter) Mike is musical magic! Here's a wonderfully talented piano player with a great big powerful voice and personality plus. Over the years, Mike has been in demand as a musical director, event organizer, and producer of many a successful show. He's particularly well known for his Rock n' Roll medleys. His collection of fan favorites continues to fill dance floors in clubs and casinos. Mike and his Rockin' 88's have toured with many bands around the country as well as the United States.

  • Kyle Mckiernan (Piano/Vocals) Kyle has worked extensively in the Winnipeg music scene, on both the stage and in the studio since 1999. He spent numerous years performing in the top circuit nightclub scene, shared the stage with many well known world-class musicians and has become a seasoned singer/keyboardist playing a huge repertoire in a wide variety of music styles. Kyle's nimble fingerwork, wide vocal range and knack for harmonies adds yet another level to the Piano Catz show, extending the song list with a contemporary element and entertaining with songs you might not expect to hear on the piano!

  • Greg Black (Drums) A rata-tat-tat... it's Mr. Greg Black! He's one of the most respected and sought after drummers in Winnipeg. Greg is a musician who is quite well known in jazz circles, but he also plays a variety of rhythmic styles that compliment and strengthen the ever-expanding Piano Catz song list. He continues having a long and interesting career. He's toured in Canada, the U.S., France, and is often found applying his trade in the recording studio. Greg has played concerts with such notables as Bo Diddley and Johnny Rivers. He's in the know, in the pocket and in the band.

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