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Paul Plouffe

Paul Edward Plouffe is a groove musician, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer. Born and raised in Winnipeg, Paul founded and performed with several bands in the early 70's and 80's including jazz-fusion groups Majek and The Paul Edward Lines Band. In 1982, Paul retired from the music scene to pursue more traditional familial avenues of existence. He never quit playing though he certainly stayed under the radar. Through the turn of the last century he hosted a monthly event called the Margaret P. Saxton Coffee House. In 2009 he re-emerged into the local music scene with a new repertoire of blues, funk, soul and R&B originals that pay tribute to the excitement and positive energy of the days when Motown and Philly Soul ruled the airwaves. Since then he has expanded his repertoire to include over 100 hit songs from the 50s, 60s and 70s. His solo performances range from simple vocals, guitar and a lot of foot stomping to the integration of his "electronic" back-up band consisting of pre-recorded background tracks (unlike most artists who use downloaded backing tracks, Paul actually plays all the instruments and produces all the tracks he uses). He also has some great stories about the artists he covers.

Praise for Paul Plouffe

"Paul was wonderful and really added to the night for the Home Opener! I will definitely be in touch if we plan to have a band/performer at a game in the future as well as if we are looking for any of the other services you offer."

- Erin Petreny, Winnipeg ICE SEE MORE OF PAUL’S WORK!

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