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Mr. Mark

His real name is Mark Cameron but he's been known to countless kids and their families, in Canada and The United States as "Mr. Mark", creator of wild and wonderful music for kids to sing and dance to. Armed with a truckload of enthusiasm and a truckload of instruments, his shows are always lively and engaging! Lately, he has starred in a live version of the television show, The Toy Castle, and has had the honour to host the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra's Family Sundays. He has performed at many festivals such as Winnipeg International Children's Festival, Winnie the Pooh Friendship Day, Folklorama, Teddy Bear's Picnic, Festival Du Voyageur, and numerous festivals throughout Manitoba, Ontario, and North Dakota. In the past Mr. Mark has played with some of Canada's better-known family performers, most notably Fred Penner. His show, filled with songs about the real “joys" of family life, like stepping on Lego, and playing the punch-a-buggy game, will leave you wigglin' and gigglin' and wantin' more!

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