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Michael Telstarr

Michael Telstarr is a well-known mentalist and psychic who has dedicated his life to studying and exploring the mysteries of the mind. He was born on July 13th,Friday,in Toronto,Ontario, and from a very young age, he was fascinated by magic and the paranormal.Michael began his journey into the world of mentalism and psychic abilities at the age of 14, when he discovered the work of Uri Geller, the famous Israeli psychic. He was immediately captivated by Geller's ability to bend spoons with his mind and wanted to learn how to do it himself.Over the years, Michael studied under many of the top mentalists and psychics in the world, including Pat Price, Ingo Swann, and Skip Atwater. He learned about remote viewing, extended remote viewing, and other techniques used by psychics to gather information about people, places, and events from a distance.Michael's training was rigorous and challenging, but he was determined to master the art of mentalism and psychic abilities. He spent countless hours practicing his skills and developing new techniques, and his hard work paid off.In the 1990s, Michael began performing in clubs and theaters in New York City, and he quickly gained a reputation as one of the top mentalists in the city. He amazed audiences with his ability to read minds, predict the future, and bend metal objects with his mind.Michael's reputation continued to grow, and he soon became a sought-after performer for corporate events and private parties. He has performed for celebrities and dignitaries around the world, In addition to his work as a mentalist and psychic, Michael is also a dedicated researcher and writer. He has written several books on the paranormal, including "The Psychic Mind" and "The Secrets of Remote Viewing," and he has conducted extensive research into the mysteries of the mind and the nature of consciousness.Today, Michael Telstarr continues to inspire and amaze audiences around the world with his incredible performances and his groundbreaking research into the mysteries of the mind. He is truly a master of mentalism and a pioneer in the field of psychic abilities.

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