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Mariachi De La Noche

Mariachi De La Noche

On May 5th, 1917 Mariachi De La Noche (Mariachi Of The Night) performed their final concert in a secret location in the town of Cocula in the province of Jalisco, Mexico. Having completed their mission of bringing joy, peace and a little heat to the masses and reviving the custom of celebrating every occasion with live music they simply disappeared. Trumpeter Carlos The Unspoken, who had never uttered a word on stage throughout their entire career, was quoted as saying "Job done".

On May 4th, 2017, on the eve of Cinco De Mayo, in the Eglissa Santa Del Gordoni, during the annual Wang Of The Dang Doodle Festival, the sound of a trumpet, a ukulele and two guitars suddenly echoed in the chapel as mariachi aficionados gasped in disbelief. What appeared to be the members of the legendary Mariachi De La Noche were strolling into the room to the sensual sound of "The Lonely Bull" performed exactly as it had been a century before. At the end of the performance, Carlos The Unspoken simply said, "Guess not".

And now, Mariachi De La Noche wants to once again take up it's mission to bring joy, peace and a little heat to any event you have in mind. With a repertoire of "salsified" hits from the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's as well as numerous traditional mariachi songs, this quartet of veteran musicians and stage performers will bring out the Latin passion in your guests and turn your fun night into a fiesta with their infectious beats and soaring vocal harmonies. Their costumes are also pretty cool.

Mariachi De La Noche consists of Pablo The Contumacious Poet, Fernando Of The Flowing Hair, Carlos The Unspoken and Caesar "Che" Muchacho.

Expectations Were Exceeded

"We booked Mariachi De La Noche as entertainment for our Fiesta themed gala and couldn't be happier that we did! From their roaming set, to a staged performance, they were able to add a real Mexican flair to the evening that didn't go unnoticed by our 200+ guests. From the phone call prior to the event, to their performance evening of, and the follow up call to ensure we were happy with the performance, our expectations were exceeded! I have no doubt that their performance contributed to the $36,000 we were able to raise in the evening to support local health care. Thanks again senors!"

-Allison Cox, Director, Riverside Foundation for Health Care

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