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Judy Cook and Swingset

Judy Cook (ukulele/vocals) has performed her original songs on television, at children’s festivals, and with symphony orchestras across Canada. Other performances include appearances at The National Arts Centre in Ottawa, Manitoba Theatre for Young People, Prairie Theatre Exchange, Rainbow Stage and the Winnipeg Folk Festival Millennium series. Judy is an accomplished dancer and delights in sharing her knowledge with children.

Wayne Posnick (upright bass/vocals) is a lifelong musician who founded the Muddy River Stringers. He now runs the recording facility Grassroots Sound and continues to perform at festivals and other events with bands Bullrush, The Bonifides, and The Incombustible Men.

Rick Burt(guitar/vocals)is a multi-instrumentalist adding mandolin, lap steel and harmonica to the musical tapestry of Judy’s show.

The Performance

Judy Cook and Swingset mix together diverse influences and throw in a whole lot of fun to create a show that is infectious and educational. In each performance, children will be encouraged to look for colours, learn a Hula dance, and perform a hand jive.

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