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Jesse Lewis

Jesse Lewis

A sharp-dressed man walks on stage introduced as Jesse Lewis, the Hypnotist, and from that point, your entertainment dreams come true. It doesn't seem possible, so easy to book, so professional and now a great performance. Are you to the point where you think that kind of entertainer doesn't exist? Meet a different kind of entertainer Jesse Lewis - The Motivational Comedy Hypnotist.

All of your concerns will be blown away because when you work with Jesse you get:

  • Amazing audience participation that creates fantastic memories for your guests

  • Creating an environment that is safe, clean, and fun so you have no worries that your guests will find the material inappropriate

Your audience will be at the edge of their seat participating during your event fully engaged and fully present.

It’s your time to have safe, clean, fun entertainment with years of experience! Realize the possibilities of your event with Jesse Lewis.

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