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“A beautiful mix of traditional and pop Brazilian music!” “Brazilian Vibe” enchants audiences while performing the poetic and vibrant “Samba” and “Bossa Nova” from Brazil. This rich palette of rhythms and graceful melodies will without a doubt take you to the tropical land of Brazil! As the lead vocalist, Guylaina’s authentic interpretation consists of a beautiful mix, ranging from the jazzy “Bossa Nova” by renowned composer Antonio Carlos Jobim, to the lively “Samba” by popular singer Aline Calixto. Performed in Portuguese, English and French, the repertoire also includes Brazilian favorites from the accomplished singers and songwriters João Gilberto and Vinicius De Moraes. Traveling through Europe, Africa and Latin America, Guylaina’s passion for Brazilian music is inspired by her extensive travel and her desire to share the poetic language of these universal grooves. Introducing the members of “Brazilian Vibe”… A native of Quebec, Guylaina was raised in a passionate singing family, surrounded by classical music, during her growing years. She started her artistic journey by accompanying herself on guitar. Subsequently, her fascination for “World Music” brought her to experiment with a variety of cultures. Guylaina sought out ways to express herself through French, Spanish and Italian songs until she discovered her passion for Brazilian music. Guitarist Marcos Martins has recently made Winnipeg his home. He flew to Canada bringing with him his musical culture from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. With his charming interpretations, Marcos will captivate your imagination and take you on a trip to his homeland! Learning from Brazilian masters in New York, Fabio Ragnelli moved from Toronto to share his expertise of “World Rhythms” with Manitoba. Fabio tours and performs all summer throughout Eastern Canada, which keeps him extremely busy. The trio comprised of Guylaina, Marcos and Fabio is the perfect synergy between Canada and Brazil. “Brazilian Vibe” brings a fresh interpretation of these irresistible rhythms, while simultaneously revitalizing the classics and introducing us to the newest songs from Brazil in three different languages!

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