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Grupo Sabor

Grupo Sabor started in Winnipeg on December of 1990 with only six members. This highly energetic Latin American Band has grown to nine members since who are all fully dedicated and passionate for their music. Through the years Grupo Sabor has been recognized as being recognized as being one for the best Latin American bands in Winnipeg. The musicians are from different regions of South America including El Salvador, Nicarauga, Columbia and Chile. Music and dance play a vital part of their everyday lives and it comes across in their shows. Their traditional music is rich in percussion and vocals. The show includes a variety of styles of music such as Bolero, Cumbia, Merengue, Salsa and Soca. The band also pays the top hits that are recognized in Latin America such as Hot Hot Hot, La Bamba, Macarena and many more. With their talent and varied set list the band has been filling night clubs, festivals and fair sets for years! The last few years has seen the fan base grow across the country after appearances throughout Canada including Calgary, Edmonton, Dauphin Regina and many more. Grupo Sabor has an irresistible beat to their music. One cannot help but be taken away on an exotic and fun filled trip with their energetic and pulsating rhythms.

Hasta la vista... See you on the dance floor!

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