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Tribe of One

Glen is a multi-instrumentalist and entertainer, tarot reader, photographer, artist, writer and dance-exercise enthusiast living in Winnipeg. In addition to his creative performer activities, Glen also runs a retail business selling Himalayan singing bowls as well as his handmade incense, perfumes and marbled papers.

Winnipeg's "Zamfir"!

If you are so fortunate to live in Winnipeg, you might have already heard Glen play or maybe even have had him play for you.

People the world over love the sound of the pan flute, with its soothing, mystical and spiritual qualities. But few are able to play this ancient instrument because it is so demanding.

Because he doesn't drive, Glen needed something to do while he was walking and waiting for buses. Though the piano is a wonderful instrument, it is also very heavy, and Glen's arms were getting tired pushing his concert grand down the street, so he took up the pan flute to give himself something to do while waiting for buses and walking places.

Glen's first instrument is the piano, and he has a very strong Classical background. Chopin, Beethoven and Brahms are his specialties, but he knows hundreds of pieces by other composers. As he got older, Glen branched out into other styles of music, including Ragtime, Oldies, Folk and Rock.

For many years, Glen dropped into the Winnipeg Art Gallery on Wednesday nights and played concerts on the Baldwin concert grand piano on the first floor. Glen has also played at a number of functions and events over the years. As a member of the "Sonica" performing group, Glen (playing gongs, singing bowls and bain-suri) was part of a "Sound Temple" event in the Pool of the Black Star at the Legislature, which drew close to 800 people.

Glen has been reading cards professionally since 1983 when he got his start as a Tarot reader at the old Chocolate Shoppe on Portage Avenue. Glen enjoys both the light-hearted 'fun' aspect of card readings as well as exploring the more mystical and esoteric sides. He brings a knowledge of psychology, history, art, literature and other subjects to his readings. Most recently, Glen has been providing readings virtually on the Facebook group 'Socially Distant Fest' as well as private personal readings.

Glen has worked as a professional musician for many years, and his top Classical piano video on YouTube has over 10 million views. Glen also plays the pan flute and has been at the Romanian Pavilion in Folklorama in recent years. Pan flutes can be played in all weather, and if you have ever seen someone walking the streets of Winnipeg playing a pan flute, that has most likely been Glen. ;-)

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