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Dean Jenkinson is a Gemini-nominated, and Canadian Comedy Award-winning comedian and comedy writer who's written for CBC's "This Hour Has 22 Minutes" since 2007, and for numerous "Just For Laughs" specials. He's appeared on CBC's "COMICS!", "The Royal Canadian Air Farce", "The Winnipeg Comedy Festival", as well as on his hour-long "Comedy Now" episode on The Comedy Network.

"Thank you for an excellent performance that left our customers laughing out of their seats, even though it was only 8 AM!" - Stephan J. Gerhardt, Canadian Tourism Commission

"Top-notch entertainment, your comedy was unsurpassed by any others we have had. When people are re-telling the comic's stuff three days later you know he has had an impact."- Kardy Solmundson, Western Canada Dental Association

"The Sears group found your show very funny and entertaining, they wanted to keep you on stage longer." - Dave Hollyoake, Sears Canada

"We wish to express to Dean's future clients a hearty recommendation, and to ensure them that they can be confident of a great performance by a sensitive and capable professional." - Ken Dohan, MacDon Industries

"You did an amazing performance. I would highly recommend your show for any church non-profit group at any time. You are entertainment with a keen sense of your crowd in a few moments and communicate very effectively. You are great!" - Jim Harms, Youth For Christ, Steinbach

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