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Dad and Kid

Tim Barlow (Dad) writes and performs songs with his 8 year old son Sebastian (Kid) exploring themes of imagination, emotions, love and nature. Music is central to Dad and Kid’s world and getting their songs out there to a larger audience is all part of the fun. Tim has 20 years on-stage experience across Europe and Canada, most recently fronting Winnipeg folk-collective Few Who Do. After starting a family it was a natural progression to write and perform children’s music. Recently described as the English Fred Penner, Tim juggles stories of family life with nursery rhymes and movement songs to engage the audience in a campfire sing-a-long experience. Since the release of their first album 'Play By Ear' in 2017, Dad and Kid can be found teaching adults and kids a-like how to be penguins drinking tea at birthday parties, campfires, festivals, coffee shops, libraries and schools in and around Winnipeg.

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