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Corny Rempel

Growing up as a middle child in a family with six kids was difficult (You do the math). I was born in Winnipeg Manitoba, and spent most of my life in Steinbach Manitoba, where the name Corny is as common as Bill, John, or Dave. I don't think my parents knew what they started when they called me Corny. I watched a lot of TV as a kid and was always fascinated by all the voices and characters and I religiously sang along with every theme song. Music has always been a big part of my life. My siblings and I started a gospel group when I was a teenager. Years later when we all got married and had kids we didn't have time for the group so I started a country band called "Brazen Eagle" which included two of my siblings. Now I'm doing my own thing. I've unleashed the voices and characters in my head and let them put on a show for you (and some people call Multiple Personality a disorder). A big part of my show pays tribute to "The King" Elvis Presley but all his friends like Shrek, Jack Nicholson, and Cher join him. I've had the pleasure of performing all across the Canadian prairies, as far north as Thompson Manitoba and as far south as Mazatlan Mexico. I recently entered the biggest Elvis Competition in the world at the Collingwood Elvis Festival in Ontario and ended up in the top 10 in the "Professional Division - Vegas Years". Hope to see you at the show. I'll be the one in the jump suit and cape... or a strait jacket.

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