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Christina is a hula-hoop entertainer from Brandon, Manitoba, Canada. She's been hula hooping since she was 5 years old. For more than a decade she has been entertaining audiences across North America. Her smile has gained her the international title of “smile with legs” (from her father). Her energy, enthusiasm and interaction with the audience make for a fun experience every show.

Christina grew up in Brandon Manitoba and started hula-hooping after going to a circus in her hometown. She decided she wanted to be in the circus and picked hula-hooping as the best way to get there. Christina is seen hooping while talking on the phone, making sandwiches, doing homework, and many other things; and her tricks and routines are made from this nonstop action. She enjoys hula-hooping and is often found hooping with her brothers and sister in the front yard. Christina has performed on Canada's Got Talent, Winnipeg's Comedy Fest, Westman's Got Talent, Breakfast Television, and Winnipeg Global News. She has also performed at the Brandon Fair, Tim Horton’s Camp Day, Shoppers Mall, Westman Baby and Family Fair, National Family week celebration, schools, community fairs, corporate events, birthday parties, and many other venues. She recently was featured on the Ellen Degeneres Show and won 1st place in Ellen's "Here's my Talent" competition hula-hooping 70 hoops at once. This fame has gotten her many TV, radio, and newspaper interviews including CBC Newsworld, CTV News, Canada AM, and many others.

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