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Captain Submarine


Pepe got his start in the magic world by practicing some routines with his daughter Brittany and then, like many of magicians, he took off from there. As a close-up table-hopper and stage magician, he loves the surprise element of the craft and remains as delighted as his audience give him the WOOOOW. Pepe loves to share his developing skills with co-workers and with the young magicians.

He won the Victoria Magician of the Year award called the Farquar Award in Victoria BC and the Vansborough Comedy Magic Competition. He participated at PCAM in 2006 and performed at the Kramien Magic Conference in the states. As one of his fellow magician from Victoria (Eric Bedard The Cool Magic Dude) would say it's all about having fun. He is also a member of the Winnipeg Magic Club and Winnipeg Clown Club.

Surprise your guests with entertainment for all ages, Humurious Mysterious and Unpredictable, that's me PEPE. You must wonder Pepe who? Well, that's me Pepe L'Heureux or Captain submarine!


Fundraising, b-party, private gatherings, embarrass your B-Day guest by PEPE showing up at the restaurant singing and performing magic.

Performing in French or English, On stage, Close-up, table to table strolling.

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