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brian trudeau

With over 30 years of performing experience, Brian’s primary focus is on the art of mentalism. As a mentalist, his goal is to try and detect individual thoughts and to influence what a person will be thinking. This is called "Power of Suggestion." A modern-day Sherlock Holmes, Brian’s keen observation skills are put to use by creating a number of fun psychological "experiments" such as guessing numbers people are merely thinking of or even predicting the outcome of specific events.

Brian relies heavily on audience participation during his show. His audience will leave scratching their heads in disbelief as he guesses things that he could not possibly know. Brian's humour, professionalism and uniqueness are sure-fire traits that will help make your event truly memorable. Rest assured, at the end of it all you will have experienced a unique show, unlike any other. Brian is available for all types of events. From corporate annual general meetings to weddings, fundraisers, festivals, fairs or private parties, you can rest easy knowing that Brian has a show ready to go for any group.

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