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Bob King

Bob King (a.k.a. The King of all Bobs) is a songwriter, a family entertainer, and a certified teacher who has been entertaining both children and adults for over thirty years now. He has written songs for some of the most famous children's performers in the world including Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen (Brother For Sale); and Fred Penner (Sandwiches Are Beautiful). Each of these songs has sold one million copies each. His picture book 'Sitting On The Farm' (publ. Kids Can Press) has been distributed worldwide and translated into several different languages. You may have it in your school library.

One of his albums is called 'I Belong' focuses on character development in a way that is fun and it comes with a 34 page teacher's guide and karaoke tracks. Titles include: 'Honour, Respect and Accountability', and 'Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right'. A second character Ed. album is called 'Its all About Attitude'. His album 'Rock And Roll Teachers' contains many fun songs about school experiences. This album won the award for best children's album at the Western Canadian Music awards in 2005. The album 'How The West Was Fun' has songs about towns and cities on the Canadian prairies such as 'Good Old Saskatchewan'. Bob has two new albums out now. One is a Christmas Album called 'Follow The Star' and another is about a mystical place in Saskatchewan called 'The Land Of Bobs'.

Bob's show uses a combination of music, humour, principles of character education and has a lot of audience participation. It is geared for grades K - 8. An optional song writing workshop is also available. A P. A. system will be provided if necessary and free CDs will be sent out ahead of time upon request. Bob King writes songs that are catchy, clever, safe, and fun and he takes children on a real musical adventure.

"Canadian singer-songwriter Bob King has written some of the funniest, most original tunes that the kids' music genre has to offer. King's knack for an infectious melody is as appealing as his one-of-a-kind lyrics."

- Family Fun Magazine (Disney Corp.)

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