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Adam Schwartz is brilliantly awkward and immensely lovable. His deadpan delivery, as well as clever wit, will turn any audience into lifelong fans. His clean, but, funny material mostly about being on the Autism spectrum, makes him perfect for any audience no matter what the occasion. He has performed throughout the country and was the runner-up in the 2014 Rumor's Funniest comedian with a day job contest. He was runner-up for 2015's funniest comedian with a day job. He has travelled the country on the Fringe circuit with his unique brand of comedy which explores how weird and wacky the world is around him. He has an extremely unique perspective and is truly a one-of-a-kind entertainer. Not only will you laugh, but you'll find yourself learning from his experiences on the Autism spectrum without even realizing it. His clean humour is perfect for your next conference, convention, or mother's 90th birthday party.

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