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Adam Kirk

Adam Kirk is a storyteller of many talents, an artist, entertainer, singer and songwriter. With a blue bird guitar that he painted himself which looks as “sparkly” as it sounds, Adam sings the songs he writes, as well as classic crowd pleasers he learned from the internet, plus some parodies of hit tunes with original lyrics that he thinks are hilarious. From the Led Zeppelin inspired epic power ballad “Stairway to Sasquatch” and Buffy Sainte-Marie meets a galaxy far, far away in “Universal Stormtrooper” to Bon Jovi’s prehistoric slow jam “You Want to Make a Dinosaur” and more which I won’t spoil by mentioning here. With an emphasis on comedy, in case you had not figured that out by now, and a flair for the dramatic, Kirk uses giant interactive puppets in his performances such a life size T-Rex (Just the head. Don’t get too excited!) and a larger than life octopus puppet that takes nine people to bring to life. That’s right, folks. Audience participation is a big part of an Adam Kirk show, which is designed to be enjoyable for all ages. Tiptoeing the tightrope of being equally suitable for kids as well as adults, but no actual tight rope walking… yet. Often seen performing in medieval armor because it makes him feel powerful (& safe from tomatoes. Just in case.), and wearing prosthetic pointy ears because he is a huge fantasy nerd with an affinity for elven culture, but the best part is: Adam Kirk is not only a rising parody pop-rock star; he is also one of Canada’s most in demand caricature artists, and can be booked after the show to sit down with audience members face to face one on one to draw everybody. What? Are you serious? Yes. I am being very serious right now. This performer is also a caricaturist and has made it his mission to blow the minds and open the hearts, third eyes and crown chakras of people everywhere. Book Adam Kirk to perform and draw at your next event with Amazing Entertainment.

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