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1. Agreement: We require that all artists and suppliers wanting to receive bookings from us read the agreements listed in this document. Accepting an event and signing our booking sheets (see paragraph 3) acknowledges to us that you have read and agreed to these terms. An explanation for any passage listed here can be given to you at your request.

2. Representation: By accepting a booking from us, you agree to represent Amazing Entertainment at your event. This means you will not display, mention, or advertise your own company name or contact info, or give out your own business cards to the client.


a. Advertisement: We might give you some of our business cards to distribute at your event, we ask that you do so. We also offer opportunities to pay you extra if you advertise larger items such as sandwich-boards or banners for us at your event. A photo proof would have to be presented to us before getting paid. Contact us for details.

3. Booking Sheets: Your event is NOT confirmed unless you are sent a booking sheet with all the details about the event including the date, time, location, client contact, and any other relevant information that you need to independently attend and deliver the services you agreed to.


a. Signing: You must sign the booking sheet no later than 10 days after we submit it, agreeing to the information listed on the booking sheet and to these terms. You may send us an invoice, but it is not required and it does not replace the need to sign your booking sheet. We reserve the right to replace you with another artist if you fail to deliver the signed booking sheet within 10 days of submitting it to you. If the event is scheduled before 10 days from submitting it to you, then we require it as soon as possible. You can visit this web page with signing options and instructions:

4. Communication:  We require you to contact the client ahead of time to talk about the booking details including any space and technical requirements you may need to deliver your service, to submit any riders you may have, and any travel arrangements that were agreed. Failure to do so may result in possible penalty fees charged to you for any additional costs due to lack of communication.


a. Riders: It is your responsibility to create and maintain your own rider describing all of your technical, space and safety requirements, and to discuss with Amazing Entertainment any additional fees beforehand for additional purchases such as equipment rental so that we may charge the client accordingly. New updated riders must be sent to us or the client for each event in order to ensure up-to-date information and accuracy.

5. Responsibilities & Conduct: We always ask that you conduct yourself in a professional manner at your event, whether it’s dealing with the client in a friendly and courteous manner, performing or delivering the services you agreed to, arriving on time to ensure your service is ready when the client needs it, to never show up intoxicated with alcohol or drugs, and to wear suitable attire appropriate for the event.

6. Book-Back: All future engagements between you and the client shall be booked through Amazing Entertainment for a period of at least 24 months from your event. Any guests at your event wanting to book you shall also be booked through Amazing Entertainment.

7. Payments & Travel:

a. Fees & Commission: Determining how much you get paid and what we charge the client is open for negotiation and should be discussed for each event with our sales manager before we can send the client a quote and proceed. We try and pay our artists what they want to charge. We then add our commission to the client’s total instead of charging the artists our commission by lowering their fees. If the client finds our cost too high after we added our commission, then negotiations can begin. We may then ask you to lower your fees if possible in order to provide a cost the client is willing to pay. If we can’t all agree with the prices, then we can’t proceed with the booking.


b. Taxes: If you need to collect taxes, you need to provide us with your GST and/or PST number before we can pay you any taxes. Amazing Entertainment charges GST only on our services. If the client is GST exempt and provides proof, then we can’t charge the client GST and you can’t charge us GST either. You can still charge us PST.


c. Payment Methods: We can pay you either by cheque or e-transfer. Please provide us with your mailing address if you want a cheque mailed to you, or your email address you want the e-transfer sent to.


d. Artist Deposits: Deposits are optional so you can refuse them if you want. Whether you need a deposit or not should be discussed with our sales manager before sending you a booking sheet. Your deposit will only be sent to you once the client has paid their deposit and after you sign and send back your booking sheet, no exceptions(See section 3-a regarding signing details). We pay artists 50% of their total fees. This deposit is an agreement and a guarantee from you that we have you booked for the duration of your agreed service time and date listed on your booking sheet. We ask that you don’t spend this deposit before the event takes place in case the event gets cancelled with sufficient notice, where you might have to refund us if another date can’t be determined (See section 8)


e. Parking Fees: When parking your vehicle at an event and unexpected parking fees apply, we ask that you pay for them and hold on to the receipt. Then send us a picture or scan of the receipt and we will do our best to reimburse you.


f. Travel:

i. By Car: When travelling outside of your own city to attend an event in a car, we will pay you $0.40-0.50/Km each way per vehicle. We ask that you try and minimize the number of vehicles needed to travel in order to keep our costs as low as possible. Travel fees have to be discussed with our sales manager before the event is confirmed.
ii. By Airplane or Train: If you need to travel by plane, all details and prices will have to be discussed with our sales manager before the event is confirmed. You will have to submit to us your baggage requirements and fees. Once the client agrees to pay for your flight or train tickets, we will make the necessary arrangement for them to send us your flight/train itinerary, which we would forward to you. In some cases, you may need to pay for your own ticket in advance, in which case the client will reimburse your costs with proof of a valid ticket and receipts.


g. Overnight Accommodations: If your event is located more than 1.5 hours away from where you live, and it ends late and you cannot drive back, or cannot drive back due to weather conditions, we will ask the client to provide you with a hotel room close to the event at the client’s expense. These details must be discussed before the event is confirmed. We will forward you reservation details once the client sends them to us. If you are stranded due to weather and the client refuses to pay for a hotel room, please pay yourself and we will refund you.


h. Client Balance Cheques: If there is a balance cheque owed to us from the client, they may simply want to give it to one of the artists at the event. We may ask that you collect it at the event after your services are completed. This is not your obligation, and you can refuse to do this if you want. If you collect a cheque from the client, make sure it’s made out to Amazing Entertainment before accepting it. Tell them to contact us if they have questions about the payment. Please contact us to arrange us to pick up the cheque from you, or you can mail it to our mailing address if you wish.


i. Artist Balance: Once your event has successfully ended and once the client has paid their remaining balance, we will pay your remaining balance (See section 7-3 regarding payment methods). If the client has not paid their balance yet, or you have picked up their balance cheque at the event and are waiting to give it to us, we reserve the right to hold off on paying you until we receive their balance. If 3 weeks have elapsed, and we still haven’t received the client’s balance due to their own negligence, then we have no choice but to pay you by law for the services you provided and will do so.

8. Cancellations:

a. Event Cancellation: If the client cancels the event, we will contact you by phone and email as soon as it happens to inform you. If a deposit was paid to you and the cancellation happened 6 weeks or more after the deposit was sent, then we require you to refund us if another date cannot be agreed on by the client. If the cancellation is done less than 6 weeks after the deposit was issued to you, and no other dates can be agreed upon, then we forfeit that deposit to you.

b. Artist Cancellation: If you need to cancel your commitment, let us know as soon as possible. If you already signed your booking sheet, and we already paid you a deposit, then we will try and negotiate another date with you and the client. If another date isn’t possible, we demand you refund us the deposit. This is why we recommend you don’t spend your deposit until the event is over.

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