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Teakle Family Circus

(Juggling, hula-hoops)

Caravan of Creeps

(Bizarre Spectacles, Aerial Arts, Striptease, Juggling)

Little Circus on the Prairie

(Comedy Contortion and Juggling)

Wakeboard Rail Jam

(Wakeboard Stunts)

Brigade FMX

(Freestyle Motorcross)

Snowboard Rail Show

(Snowboard Stunts)

Skill Circus

(Dance, Juggling, Vaudeville)

Christina Crazy Hooper

(Hoola Hoop Artist)

Lindsay May

(Sword Swallower)

Rubber Space Guy

(Magical Daredevil Comedy Show)

Stunt & Water Shows

XCO Performance Team

(Dance, Sport, Fitness)

Craz E Crew

(Extreme Sports Thrill Show)

Samantha Halas


Street Circus

(Acrobatic Duo, Fire Juggling, Contortion)

Duo Elles

(Acrobatic Duo and Aerial Acts)

Undead Newlyweds

(Zombie Comedy Juggling Show)

Beauty and the Beats

(Live Electronic, Drum, Acrobatic and Dancing Acts)

Gravity Still Works

(Fire Spinning, Juggling, Glow Spinning)

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