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Big Daddy Magic

(Kids and Adult Magic Shows)

Dominic Leydier

(Close-up, small stage magician)

Louis Pezzani

(Mentalist, Mind Magic)

David Dang


The Great Gregoire

(Magician, Mentalist)

Mike Likey

(Magician, Musician)

Sean Fields

The Magic of Jen & Zac

(Magic Duo)

Dean Gunnarson

(Escape Artist)

Darcy Oake

(Magician, Illusionist)

Brian Glow

(Magician, Illusionist)

Anders Boulanger

(Magician and Illusionist)

Captain Submarine

(Family Magician)

Mago the Magician

Cari Tardi


Matthew DiSero


Double Vision Magic

(Twin Magicians)

Jason Werhun


Magic Man Les


In Your Face

Comedy Magic

(Comedy Magic Show)

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