"A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed."

-Ansel Adams


I have been photographing weddings for a number of years and I give my clients a beautiful and artistic wedding package.


The way I shoot:

    My clients often favor my guided candid photography. In other words, I see the perfect shot and if needed, I yell out a few pointers before I snap. During special events I feel it helps to step back and let people enjoy their day. I catch people laughing naturally and I'm open to ideas at any time. Of course, I can take the formal shots, which are totally guided and usually required. I try to make formals as quick an painless as possible and I normally hire an assistant to help with organizing people.


To give you an idea of the package I offer, I'll run through a typical package:

Prior to the wedding:

    • 1st Meeting and going over details

    • 2nd Engagement shoot. Loads of fun and you get a chance to see me in action prior to your wedding.

    • 3rd I attend the rehearsal to meet the wedding party, family, etc and show everyone where I will be during the ceremony.


On the Wedding Day:

    • 1st: getting ready. 1st the guys, then the girls at the house.

    • 2nd the ceremony. Different angles and techniques. Flowers & settings, empty church, full church etc.

    • 3rd Formals with family.

    • 4th Formals with wedding party.

    • 5th a bit of a break for you: exclusive shots of you and your wife.

    • 6th The reception: cake, table settings, ambiance etc. We can fake a few things like a toast, cake cutting, and 1st dance.


    My normal day is about 8 hours of shooting. I can stay later for the guarder toss etc. but it's a lot of waiting for only a few shots & those can be caught by disposable cameras, friends or family.


    Some photographers have different packages and they even book more then one wedding in a day. I am a perfectionist and I treat photography as an art no matter what the job is. Therefore, I give my subjects my utmost attention and I believe in a job well done. I have one price and it includes everything.

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